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Safety belt gives me a reason that does not fasten you
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The station watchs the wagon flow of associate with in roadside, it is high-grade car or cheap car no matter, it is driver or passenger no matter, do not fasten the there are plenty of such people of safety belt. This belt that concerning to draw security of life of the person that multiply became a burden it seems that, became a on the car redundant configuration. And the reason that those people that do not fasten safety belt have him to his behavior.

Beautiful lend the drama that splash 鍥 墖

Driver A: I am old driver, drive 20 had never given traffic accident for years. I drive seasoned, the ability that believes oneself is surpassed believe safety belt.
Driver B: My company leaves home very close, cannot leave how long. And the unhappy also not need that I open fastens safety belt.
Driver C: I believe my car very much, the car of this brand safety performance is very good, active and safe configuration has ESP, passive and safe configuration has safe gasbag, I felt to not was necessary to use safety belt.
Driver D: I am to run hack, the car that fastening safety belt to leave many hours 10 every day I feel at odds. Graph at ease I do not fasten safety belt.

Passenger A: I am the secretary of company boss, go out to handle affairs with the boss every time I am to sit deputy drive the position. Family boss sits back row is not safety belt, I fasten safety belt when secretarial improper also ah.
Passenger B: I feel to do not was necessary to fasten safety belt in back row, back row has the protection of seat of in front of, more than safety of in front of, it doesn't matter of department safety belt is necessary.
Passenger C: I fasten safety belt at ordinary times, but be pregnant safety belt of department of fear after the event is bad to fetal influence to was not fastened so.
Face multifarious reason, not as good as safety belt is in these driving to take the issue that an unalterable principle became it seems that in personnel eye. And the number of such way is numerous, also let this kind of behavior become a kind " normal " . But from drive a vehicle safe angle looks, not as good as safety belt is an action that is put in hidden danger of safety of serious drive a vehicle really, above in all sorts of reason or the fluky heart that are a driver, or the wrong understanding that is a passenger.
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