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Is Xin Yilan of collision of referenced beauty edition special " is Yue moved "
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On April 8, beijing's contemporary Xin Yilan is special " Yue is moved [quote picture] " be about to appear on the market, as brand-new replacement model, its safety performance whether pass a barrier? Can you deny the friend that be a car people does life escort the Emperor convoy? The collision test of archetypal to edition of its North America car can regard American NHTSA authoritative orgnaization as our reference:
Car picture
Car picture
NHTSA brief introduction:

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) the abbreviation that is management board of American freeway safety. It regards safety of car of American government sector as superintendency definitive orgnaization, assuming the main responsibility that ensures of all kinds car must accord with laws and regulations of motor vehicle safety to ask. NHTSA basically is decide susceptive of imitate person place through measuring comprehensive and two-way (the front and flank) bump, have car security the assess of 5 stars class.

By test car:

2007Hyundai Elantra 4-DR
Car picture

NHTSA chose 2007 contemporary Yilante 4 cars, regard the test that collides this as car. The side security that its provided human body of the person that protection is had to drive when producing side to touch to do position enrages shade, but stable without installation electron program.

One, openly collision checks: In front of double 5 stars evaluation

In openly collision test, NHTSA imitate when car with 56KM/H speed, dash against secures the traffic accident when mural barrier. The person that drive through measuring thereby and body of passenger of in front of of each place suffer harm to be worth, come this car is in assess the safe grade in this kind of accident.
Car picture

In light of picture of combinative above test, after producing the front to collide, engine cabin of Yilante happened bigger;burst;ulcerate;fester shrink be out of shape, nevertheless, a column figure still keeps good, did not produce apparent deformation, maintained better vivosphere for passenger of in front of, in the meantime, gasbag of in front of is opened completely, slow down the harm that arises to the likelihood before passenger head.
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